Our packaging was designed with unique messages to insure that the women using our products will go into their days motivated and allowing themselves to make their own visions visible by taking the necessary steps to accomplish their goals.


    As the beauty industry evolves so will our brand. In the future we aspire to add more products to our collection and grow in all areas. Our main focus is to provide great service and continue to inspire all who view and purchase our items. 

Meet Jaira B

The Brand

The Story of Strength





Jaira B. Williams a native of Columbus, Ga, Entrepreneur, Author, Influencer & Inspiration Pusher; created this brand to influence and inspire women beyond the eye of beauty. This brand not only encourages women to embrace their outer beauty but inner beauty as well. Jaira B. aims for each individual to search deep within, walk in their truth & master their purpose.

A group of friends struggle as one of their own suddenly falls into a coma and memories of the past, both tragic and triumphant, come flooding back. 


Strength reaches out to her childhood friend, Genesis. Serenity faces the legacy and consequences of bad choices. Patience is flooded with memories of losing her mother. Fortune can no longer deny the trauma of her childhood poverty. Faith must find the strength to take the same steps to bury her friend that she did to bury her own father. Destiny must let go of the pain of a failed romance. And Miracle’s life hangs in the balance just as it’s getting started. 


This novel is a millennial echo of "Waiting to Exhale", reminding us that there is a story of strength in all of us.